Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Books Alive 2008

Every year there is a promotion run in Australia called Books Alive.

There is a Books Alive Great Reads Guide that lists 50 books in all different genres, and including some local authors. There are some pretty good reads listed in the brochure too although it has to be said that I have read most of the books that really caught my attention already. The selection of authors ranges from Tim Winton to Marian Keyes, Stephenie Meyer to Garth Nix and includes fiction, non fiction, YA and children's books.

One of the bonuses is that if you buy one of the 50 listed books, you receive a free book by an Australian author. This year, it is a thriller written by Michael Robotham. Whilst I am not all that fussed about whether or not I get the free book this year, I do like the promotion as a whole. Anything that encourages more book buying....er....reading, is good in my opinion!

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