Saturday, January 30, 2021

Weekend Cooking: National Croissant Day

Normally on the final Saturday of the month I share all the things that I have baked during the month, but this month, that would be a very short post as I only actually baked one thing! Which of course means I have had to think of something else to post.

Last year during our lockdown one of the ways we discovered to treat ourselves was a bakery from the other side of the city called Mosaic Patisserie that delivers to our area! We tried all sorts of things from the bakery including the most delicious ready to bake treats including danish pastries, pain au chocolat, chocolate fondants and two different types of croissants. 

This week the bakery sent us an email advising us to orderr for National Croissant Day, which I don't think I knew about before this. Or maybe I did and I just didn't remember. That's possible too.

One thing that I was surprised to learn was that this most quintessentially French pastry actually has Austrian origins, and was originally called a kipferl. There seem to be a couple of different stories as to the origins of the croissant but what does seem to be consistent is that the original shape of the croissant is reminiscent of the crescent on the Ottoman flag.

One story is that Marie Antoinette took these Austrian pastries to Franch when she married into the French royal family but however they got to France, the French were the ones to make this their own.

The croissants that we had were so delicious you really could  just eat them as they were, but they were also good with jam. What we didnt do with these is have them with ham and cheese which is what we normally do when we buy them from the supermarket.

We haven't done anything specific to celebrate National Croissant Day this year, mainly because we have had several croissant days over the last 9 months. Having said that, I am now tempted to put an order in again! We will be ordering croissants, but we might also order something else delicious at the same time!

As to what I made this month, I was attempting to make a Honey Sponge Roll. However, my sponge was way too light and too puffed up to roll, so instead we had a very small sponge cake and filled with cream. The mix of spices smelled so good! And it was a big hit when we had it as dessert for a shared lunch.

I did suggest to my husband that I have been neglecting him for the last month by not making anything, but he insists it isn't true. I am making something today, which hopefully he will enjoy, and hopefully it won't be the only thing that I have to share next month!

Weekly Meals 

 Saturday - Roast chicken and Meditteranean vegetables

Sunday - Miso steak and baked potato

Monday - Salmon teriyaki stir fry

Tuesday - Enchiladas

Wednesday - Chicken a la Plancha with pasta salad

Thursday - Dinner with friends

Friday - Beef skewers with orange and radish salad

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  1. We finally tried a few episodes of the Great British Baking Show for the first time last weekend (Season One) and the sponge roll was one of the challenges. It looked difficult, although it was described as a simple cake. Your baking always looks delicious, even if it's not exactly the same as the recipe! We have been treating ourselves too much all through the pandemic, and have cut back this month, without much to show for results, I have to say! Might as well have a croissant! ;)

  2. I love croissant! Really good ones are hard to come by in my area -- except for the baker who sells at the farmer's market. Now I have a craving!

  3. Croissant's are one of my husband's favorites. Interesting that they are not really of French origin.

  4. National Croissant Day sounds like a great idea. I think in France that would be every day of the year!

    Thanks for hosting weekend cooking.

    be safe... mae at

  5. I would love an all butter croissant, but here our bakeries make them with shortening, and they are not as good. One of these days I should try to make them. But until then, your Honey Sponge Cake has caught my eye! Thanks for sharing Weekend Cooking, have a great week ahead.

  6. I haven't really baked this month (one loaf) as I had so much frozen from baking before Christmas.
    Orange and radish salad sounds good, I have oranges sitting here.

  7. I have not baked at all this month. You just can't count boxed broanies as a baking effort! A good croisant is hard to beat. Love the buttery layers.

    I see Chicken a la Plancha on your menu. Mmmmm..

  8. My sister-in-law sent us Williams Sonoma croissants for Christmas, we'll have to have one tomorrow to celebrate.

  9. We are lucky to have a bakery that makes excellent croissants, with actual butter! I love them.