Monday, November 08, 2021

This week....

I'm reading...

I finished The Secret of Snow by Viola Shipman. It was written in his customary soothing style, packed with emotion and wit, but....the snow left me feeling a bit cold, if you will pardon the pun. I enjoyed it, just not as much as I have enjoyed the previous books.

I also started and finished reading Maggie Christensen's A Mother's Story. I had previously only read her contemporary romance Granite Springs books so this was a bit of surprise to me as it a multiple timeline historical fiction novel.

I did start reading The Great Passage by Shion Miura, translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter. This is my bookclub book for this month. We are doing read on a theme style of bookclub and this month's theme is "Books about Books". When we agreed on this theme, my initial reaction was that I could finally read The Lost Dictionary of Words by Pip Williams, except I had already packed it into a box a few weeks ago. And then I thought I could reread The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, except that too is in a box. And the same with The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I tried looking up different books from the library, and there were definitely some I could have borrowed, but in the end I found this book on the second last page of my Kindle collection.  So far, I am liking it a lot so it has ended up being a good choice.

I'm watching....

We watched the last two episodes of Making It Australia over the weekend. I am a little bit disappointed that this show isn't getting renewed as we really enjoy it. 

We were pleased to see that Bake Off: The Professionals is back! That's something to look forward to for a few weeks at least.

Festive treats...

I watched a Christmas movie this weekend. It's strange really. I feel like I am growing into Christmas movies, but over the last couple of years I have found myself watching more and more of them, and it turns out that I am watching them earlier than ever. I have also already read a Christmas book!

I think I am going to keep a running list of the movies that I do watch and read this year

1. Flora's Travelling Christmas Shop by Rebecca Raisin

2. The Happiest Season - watched because Dan Levy is in it.


A couple of weeks ago my son was in a very small accident in his car, which was my old car. Unfortunately, even though it was only a small bingle and no one was hurt, he was hit right in a part of the car that meant it wasn't worth the repairs, so the car had to be written off.  This weekend, we went out car shopping with him. We tried to steer him in the directioon of something sensible but that is not where we ended up. The main criteria was. of course, can he fit into the car. At 6'9" that isn't always easy. But...he has a car again. Now, he just has to pay for it.

Other than that we are starting to think about our last room to be renovated which will happen over the next few weeks. Our social calendar is also starting to fill up in the lead up to Christmas. I guess things really are getting back to normal.

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  1. Sorry about the car accident. I can see finding a car for someone so tall would be harder. I'm glad you found a book about books and that you are enjoying it. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. we were calling it Cinderella car shopping Kathy.

  2. I have the Secret of Snow on my list too -- I'll try to go in with lower expectations. I can't believe we're basically in the holiday season already. I'm so unprepared.

    1. Most people loved it Beth! And I loved his other books.

  3. So sorry about the car accident, but happily with no injuries.

    6'9"! Wow, sounds like some of my family members.

    Enjoy your week, and here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

  4. That's awful about your son's accident but I am glad to hear he is well. Ouch!
    The Secret of Snow is on my list but I have so many books yet to get to. I almost ordered a book through Thriftbooks and recently found that same book languishing on a shelf. I am going to have to read what is on hand for a while until I get organzied!

  5. wow your son is soooo tall:) sorry about his accident but a new car is fun. christmas?? ah no too soon ... :-)

    1. I know right! I would normally totally agree.