Saturday, December 11, 2021

Weekend Cooking: Eating with your eyes

Last weekend I was fortunate to visit The Johnson Collection which is a museum of fine and decorative art, a collection that covers up to 400 years of art.

All through the exhibition, which is housed in what was once a private home, there were all sorts of food displays which is what I thought I would share this week. Because it is in a residential area, the address isn't publicised and you have to meet at a local hotel where they pick you up in a bus and then deliver you to the house. Very cloak and dagger.

In the first room there was a frugal Christmas dinner and then after that there were all sorts of delectable treats:

Would you believe me if I said that none of this is edible? Not a single thing! No, really!

All of this is made using various different techniques of embroidery. Each year the museum joins forces with a craft groups who then take inspiration from various items within the collection. This year, the group was the embroidery guild, so you have these incredibly talented embroiderers taking inspiration from beautiful objects. Apparently they also do various challenges throughout the year which they then bring together for the exhibition..

I think my favourite is the lemon meringue pie or the lamingtons, although the Christmas cakes look amazing too!

The collection changes every four months or so and we will definitely be visiting again.

Weekly Meals

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Sunday - Italian flavoured chicken with salad and garlic bread
Monday - Steak and Frites with salad
Tuesday - Out for dinner
Wednesday - Ratatouille with garlic bread
Thursday -Chicken maryland with potato and parsley mash, green beans and vinaigrette
Friday - Takeaway

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  1. Whoa! Amazing display of talent. I don't know if I could pick a favorite from the photos -- maybe the petit fours, especially the ones with lace. Love the cloak and dagger bit too.

    1. It was difficult to choose a favourite BFR

  2. You really got me on that one. I was wondering why a museum would be serving deserts. They look so real. Interesting post. Thanks and thanks for hosting Weekend Cooking

  3. I love the petit fours too. I would love to see this display.

    1. We will definitely be going back Jackie!

  4. That's incredibly creative. I would never have believed that wasn't real food.

    1. You definitely have to take a second look Tina..

  5. wow. the tea sandwiches amaze me most.

  6. Quite a few historical museums I've visited have models of food in the dining rooms, but I've never seen it made like these.

    best... mae at

    1. It is definitely something very different to the usual Mae!

  7. That's astonishing! I'd never believe these were not real if you hadn't told me.



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