Saturday, August 27, 2022

Weekend Cooking: A quick trip to Adelaide

 Last weekend my husband, my sister and I undertook a quick roadtrip to Adelaide for my brother's belated 40th birthday celebrations. 

Normally when we do this drive, it is get in the car and drive, only stopping at certain designated places. This time, because it was my husband's first time of travelling this road we stopped a lot to see various sights along the way. Here are a couple of photos:

First, there is the Big Koala (Australia likes big things) which I prefer to call the scary koala! We also added 3 more  of the art silos to our list, with the bonus of painted sheep all through the town of Horsham! You can see other examples of silos we have seen before in these posts.

I am aware that this is a Weekend Cooking post, so here are 5 food related things from our trip to Adelaide

1. Delicious pasta - We didn't book anywhere for dinner on our first night in Glenelg, so we just went to an Italian restaurant around the corner from the hotel. This was Fettucine Al Pollo - so good.

2. No more bowls of coffee - The last two times we have been to Adelaide, we have gone to a cafe called Swedish Tarts where the highlight for my husband has been the ability to have a bowl of coffee (literally). They don't do the bowls anymore (insert sad face here).

3. Burrata - Until a couple of weeks ago I don't believe I had ever heard of burrata, then I heard of it twice! So, when it was on the menu I knew we had to try it, and it was totally delicous. Creamy cheese, delicous bread, balsamic vinegar and heirloom tomatoes. I was kind of expecting it to be served warm, but it wasn't. Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of the cheese ball before I cut into it. I guess that means I need to order one again!

4. After a really good steak dinner, it was time for dessert and I chose "Davidson plum and rhubarb crumble with  pepperberry custard, macadamia & honey ice cream, freeze dried davidson plum powder, murray river salted tuille". Oh my goodness, this was so good!

6. Hahndorf - On the Saturday we went for a drive through the Adelaide Hills. There are plenty of foodie places through the hills. We decided to visit the town of Hahndorf which is famous for it's German heritage. I was hoping to have something distinctly German for afternoon tea but instead I had a giant cream donut. So delicious!

Whilst in Hahndorf we visited the Fruchoc shop. What you might ask is a Fruchoc - well,  it is a South Australian favourite. It is a small ball of a paste made from dried apricot and peach which is then covered in chocolate and my South Australian friends go mad for it! We bought home a bag but havne't cracked it open yet!

On the way home we took a detour to a historical railway station in a tiny town called Serviceton. Once upon a time, it was a bustling border station between Victoria and South Australia where people changed trains. I have seen the sign for the station so many times but this was the first time we visited. What an interesting place!

 Weekly meals

Saturday - Birthday dinner
Sunday -   Beef brisket rolls
Monday - Butter Chicken Pizza
Tuesday - 
Wednesday - Mexican Chicken and Rice
Thursday - Stir Fry
Friday - Takeaway

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  1. Love the art silos! We have more and more murals popping up here, too. Glad you shared your food portion of your trip, too.

    1. We love all the art silos! This was the first one that we have seen outside of our home state.

  2. Love the art silos too. Sounds like you were eating well! We've got a lot of family functions to finish off our summer, so I haven't had much time to write posts, BUT I have Weekend Cooking posts planned for almost all the rest of the weekends through December!

    1. Yay! I am glad to hear this! I have more than enough posts for the rest of the year I think.

  3. It's a pleasure to see your trip through photos! I love the scary koala and the silo art. The meals you had look amazing.

  4. All that food looks delicious!! I've been to Hanhdorf!!

    1. Hahndorf is a lovely little place isn't it!

  5. Your gourmet trip looks delightful. Such imaginative cooking.

    best... mae at

  6. i love street art/public art/silo art! so wonderful. we saw a few on our trip to canberra earlier in the year. That cream doughnut looks the bomb!

    1. We love the silo art. I think that we only have a couple left to see here in Victoria.