Saturday, August 20, 2022

Weekend Cooking: Tisdagsklubben (Tuesday Club)

I have a friend who I go to the movies with quite regularly. We like to go to a place in the city where they show a mixture of new films, foreign and art house style films. Everytime we go we look at the next foreign film festival and say we really need to go to see a movie at the next film festival. And then generally we don't!

When we went to see Where the Crawdads Sing recently we saw that the Scandinavian Film Festival was on and so we had our normal conversation of we really should go and see something. There were several films that look really good, including a Danish film about a husband and wife restauranteur starting Nickolaj Coster-Waldau (from Game of Thrones) called A Taste of Hunger.

In the end, I decided to go to see this film by myself on a Sunday afternoon as my friend wasn't available and my lovely husband was doing something else. I am so glad I did as it was a delightful film to watch.

Karin is apparently happily married to Sten and they are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary when she finds out that maybe he isn't as happy married as she was. Unfortunately, when she shows him the evidence he injures himself and ends up in hospital. Their daughter, Frederika, who is most definitely a papa's girl,  is surprised by how disinterested her mother is in her husband's condition.

When she is reluctantly visiting Sten in hospital, she runs into an old friend from school, Monika. Monika has long been a free spirit, moving from country to country. She has come home to be with her dying mother and needs to stay long enough to sort everything out. She is also very persistent and won't take no for an answer and so Monika convinces Karin to go to dinner with her. After a delicious dinner, they see that the chef is running cooking classes, so they sign up, along with their other friend Pia. 

Over the course of the cooking classes, Karin is reminded of her passion for food, and meets an assorted group of participants. Heading the class is the chef, Henrik, who is very much the grumpy chef who want thing only done his way, He too has recently returned home but he is not sure that he has made the right decision in doing so.

The food that is cooked in the class looks mouth wateringly gorgeous. So many colourful,delicious looking dishes that I am sure tasted amazing! This movie isn't only about the food though. It is about following your passions, about friendships, both new and old, about starting over and taking chances.

It is a rom-com, and it is true to the genre, as you would expect. I would, however, say that it is a superior example. There is humour, has a great soundtrack, including a boot scooting version The Look by Roxette.

The cast is amazing, although I will say that Frederika was a bit of a pain, but she came good at the end. I especially loved where it looked like her story was going!

If you find this available on a streaming service near you, then you could do a lot worse than spend just over an hour and a half watching this film!

The cinema recently starting advertising their Italian film festival, and I already have my eye on at least one film.

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  1. The film sounds amazing, and I'll try to line it up. For the food alone at least.

  2. I loved the trailer! I sure hope I can get it on one of my streaming services.

  3. I will definitely look out for this one.

  4. That's a movie I would love to see. If our library has it I will defintely check it out! I have two linkups for Weekedn cooking this time as....I scheduled my Sunday post for today! I forgot what day it was when I selected "schedule tomorrow"!!

    1. A schedule tomorrow feature sounds great Tina!