Saturday, August 06, 2022

Weekend Cooking: What I Baked (In My Kitchen) in July


The first Saturday of the month is when I share all the things that I baked in the previous month. I was intending to make something last weekend too, but it didn't happen so I only have three bakes to share.

I have a friend who LOVES Christmas. Really loves Christmas! And so this year, for the first time since 2019 we were able to come together to celebrate Christmas in July.

There was so much food, and my contribution was these Soft Gingerbread Chocolate Cookies,which are based on German cookies called Lebkuchen! It doesn't hurt that this is her favourite thing that I ever took to share when we worked together! They were so delicious! I have shared the recipe for these cookies on the blog previously.

I have been thinking about making something super chocolatey for a while now, so I decided to make my go to brownie recipe. I have only made these a couple of times in the oven that we have now and so I forgot that, unlike my previous oven, I really needed to give these 5 minutes less than the recipe, and then check it. My previous oven used to take a lot longer than the recipe time. It's not long now until I will have to work out the individual personality of my new oven!!

The new recipe that I tried this month was a Sicilian Whole Lemon Cake (recipe here). The tree in the backyard is absolutely loaded with lemons, and then we have a dwarf Meyer lemon tree too, so I wanted to try using some lemons. 

I am thinking that I might need to make a big batch of lemon curd before we move house and leave all these lemons behind! The dwarf tree is coming with us, but the heavily laden lemon tree will become someone else's bounty.

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Sunday -  Nasi Goreng
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Tuesday - Beans and rice
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  1. I remember those brownies -- they are yummy. Yay that you'll be able to take one of the lemon trees with you. And I love ginger, so I'm not sure why I never gave those cookies a try. Thanks for re-posting!

  2. The German cookies sound incredible and it was nice you were able to get together for your Christmas in July celebrations. I haven't baked in years but I do enjoy seeing what you've been baking each month.

  3. Oh definitely make lemon curd!! I love anything lemon.
    My oven (about 5 years old) is always slower baking than the recipe says.

  4. Christmas in July sounds fun. We once celebrated Christmas with our son and family in August because he wa sin the Army and wouldn't be near us in December.
    I am a fan of gingerbread cakes and cookies but my husband isn't so, scared to have too much of it in the house! I once ended up eating a strawberry rhubard pie on my own when it was clear he didn't have the taste for rhubarb.

  5. Those brownies are making me drool.

  6. Love the idea of the Sicilian Whole Lemon Cake. I shall have to see if my stepson's lemon tree has started giving fruit yet.

  7. How I love a lemon tree! One of the first things I did when moved into my house was get a lemon tree, it was miniature and doubled in the last 2.5 years but hasn't given me any fruit. Hope it will soon and I can make the whole lemon cake!

  8. how wonderful to have a lemon tree! love the sound of that whole lemon cake, and the chocolate cookies and brownies look rip-roaringly good. my gas oven is a monster. we got a new one about 3 years ago and it doesn't work any better than the last. i found out it is due to the gas supply rather than the oven. apparently they did something weird to it years ago. i think we get a lesser amount coming thru at any one time. kinda like our water supply. they turned down the pressure on it at the water treatment plant so we don't use as much! sorry - blathering. thanks for joining in this month! cheers sherry



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