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Weekend Cooking: What I Baked (In My Kitchen) in May

The first Saturday of the month is when I share all the things that I baked in the previous month. I did manage to do some baking again this month. What I didn't manage to do was to take photos of everything I made! Whoops!

A couple of years ago during lockdown I attempted to make 2 ingredient cake which was made of cake mix and a can of soft drink. I tried to make a couple of flavours. One was vanilla and passionfruit and the other was chocolate and cola. Neither was particularly successful, which you can read about here.

Recently, I heard about another 2 ingredient cake, and this time I have been pleasantly surprised. The two ingredients this time are a packet of cake mix and 400 grams of canned fruit. I used vanilla cake mix and a can of mixed fruit. I have seen a number of different versions of this recipe. Some say not to use the juice from the fruit, others say that you do need to use it. I kind of hedged my bets and put some juice in, and then added a bit more as the mix looked a bit dry. You basically dump  both ingredients in a bowl and mix it, then put it in the oven.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this one. It is perfect for a mid week treat and you could easily mix up the flavours with different cake mixes or fruit flavours. Add some custard and/or cream and you are ready to go!

The next recipe I made was from Emelia Jackson's First, Cream the Butter and Sugar which I posted about a couple of weeks ago.

This month I tried making Blueberry Galette. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of this one. I liked it, especially the blueberry filling but I was a bit distracted and left the galette in the oven too long so the pastry was a bit overdone. I will be trying this one again at some point.

I mentioned in last week's post that I put on an afternoon tea for my husband's birthday. I made my grandmother's Melting Moments, banana bread and scones

I didn't do any baking last weekend as I was away for the weekend. I attended a readers retreat organised by Australian author Rachael Johns. There were many readers and authors in attendance which was awesome. 

The retreat was in a small town in the Adelaide Hills called Hahndorf. There are lots of foodie experiences to be had in the immediate area around the town, but I didn't have a huge amount of town so I was only able to visit Beerenberg Farm where I picked up some jam samples and a jar of goulash sauce which  I am looking forward to trying. I also picked up the spatula which has a conversion chart on it which is interesting.  I haven't seen that before!

Here was the food and drink related haul from the weekend. I also got pens, notebooks, bookmarks and all sorts of other goodies!

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  1. What a lovely idea, an afternoon tea for your husband's birthday. With delicious crumpets! Mine would probably wonder where the meat was.

    1. I did think about making sausage rolls Claudia but that was enough!

  2. Your week was very productive! Lovely assortment for the Birthday Tea, have a great week ahead.

    1. this was a month otherwise I would be exhausted Melynda!

  3. I looked up and saved a recipe for Melting Moments online (I needed something that used American terms for Your recipe for it reminds me of a favorite recipe for sabl├ęs by Dorie Greenspan in Paris Sweets.

  4. I've been to Hahndorf, a great little town.

  5. Your melting moments look fab. Now I want to try a 2 ingredient cake!

  6. oh a readers' retreat sounds marvellous!! Yes i am always a bit wary of those 2 or 3 ingredient dump cakes; glad your latest one turned out well. I love Hahndorf . Haven't been for years tho. One day we will get there again. Thanks much for joining in IMK this month. cheers Sherry

    1. I have been to Hahndorf twice in the last year!

  7. I've been watching a YouTuber who does dump cakes and dump everything recipes. So funny!

  8. Weekends away are always a good thing! I am not sure about trying the 2 ingredient cake concept as I never have cake mix at home :)

  9. I love a good shortcut cake and never heard of the packaged cakemix/ tin of fruit option, I'm fascinated by it now and want to make one :)



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