Saturday, September 30, 2023

Weekend Cooking: International Coffee Day

 Tomorrow is International Coffee Day which is a day that my husband will be sure to celebrate with a coffee or three as he is a bit addicted to coffee. I am more of an infrequent drinker, maybe having one cup of coffee every couple of weeks or so.

I thought for this week's post I might share some songs about coffee.

Let's start with the man in black - Johnny Cash

Next up, Bob Marley

Nat King Cole has a song called You're the Cream in my Coffee, but I thought I would share Seth McFarlane's version instead

We are in Adelaide this weekend for a significant family birthday. Any one who has spent any time in Adelaide would know about Farmer's Union Iced Coffee. Back in the day the slogan for this was It's Farmers Union or it's nothing.

So my last song for today is Cold Coffee by Ed Sheeran

Weekly meals

Saturday -  Out for dinner
Sunday -  Chicken Shwarma (Family dinner)
Monday -  Spanish Tuna Pasta Bake
Tuesday - Meatballs
Wednesday - Mexican Chicken Rice
Thursday - Take Away
Friday - Away for the weekend

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  1. The only time I drink coffee(and then it's always decaf) is when I am out for dinner with friends and we have a cup after the meal. Happy International coffee day. Cute Video's - thanks

  2. That's one of the reasons I love Italy...its coffee!

  3. Coffee starts my day! Enjoy your travel this week.

  4. Well, you've certainly got coffee covered. After a covid attack, I was so fatigued, and lacking energy I told my family I was going to turn to coffee. Previously it had been "I'm naturally caffeinated." Couldn't handle caffeine.