Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Signing up for more challenges

 I am signing up for two three more blogging events, but I am posting about them together because o of the three are kind of linked in my mind. 

First up, I am signing up for the Books in Translation challenge hosted at The Introverted Reader. 

The levels are

Beginner 1-3 books

Conversationalist 4-6 books

Bilingual 7-9 books

Linguist 10 books

I am aiming for the conversationalist level. I feel like by the time I read a couple of books for Paris in July and some for the following challenge this should be achievable. I will add the challenge image once I figure out how!!

I am also going to participate in the Japanese Literature Challenge which is being hosted by Dolce Bellezza. Even though this is the 17th time that this challenge has occurred it will be my first time of participating

I already have one post ready to post in a couple of weeks, and I am already reading another book for the challenge so far!

The final one is the What's In a Name challenge hosted at Carolina Book Nook

Double letters
An NFL team
A natural disaster
A virtue
A shape

Click on the links for examples that would qualify

I think that will be it for challenges for this year, although there will be a couple of other events that I will participate in such as Paris in July.


  1. Welcome to the Books in Translation challenge! I hope you enjoy the books you choose!