Monday, January 15, 2024

This Week....

I'm reading

I didn't get a huge amount of reading done this week so I am still reading Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros and listening to At the Foot of the Cherry Tree by Alli Parker.

I also started reading The Austrian Bride by Helen Parusel which I need to finish ready to review later this week.

It was book club this weekend. Our book club is a read on a theme book club and the next theme is "outside your comfort zone" so I need to think of something to read! I did think about going to a second hand bookstore but we will see. 

I'm watching

We finished watching the third season of Starstruck this week. Time to find another new series. Pretty sure we will find something.

We did go to the movies this weekend and saw Next Goal Wins which is the new Taika Waitita film which tells the story of the American Samoa soccer team. They had the worst ever result in World Cup qualifying history when they lost to Australia 31-0 back in 2001. Fast forward a couple of years and they needed a new coach and this movie is that story. It is a very Taika movie with his kind of humour but it was a lot of fun.

We also watched a very old South African nature film called Animals are Beautiful Peoplel. It was made in 1974 by the same person who made the film The Gods Must Be Crazy. It was a lot of fun, although very dated!

We also started watching season 2 of Muster Dogs, which is an Australian series which features a litter of puppies which are bred to be working dogs. The dogs are sent to various trainers and then come together at the end to see which is the best dog/trainer. We loved season 1 and we are excited to watch more over the coming weeks. Here's a trailer

The thing I spent the most time watching was actually a 3x3 Super Premier basketball event from Sendai Japan because my son was competing in it!


We booked a cruise to South Korea  and Japan for the cherry blossoms in March 2025 - only 430 sleeps to go

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  1. Maybe try sci-fi for out of your comfort zone? I don’t think I’ve seen you read any.
    What awesome holidays to look forward to.

    Wishing you a wonderful reading week

    1. I read some sci-fi not too long ago. It's still not something I read regularly.

  2. Sounds like it will be a great cruise! I'm not very good at reading outside my comfort zone. I'd have to pick something nonfiction since I ignore those. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. I am looking forward to the cruise, although it is still a long way away

  3. I've seen bits and pieces of Next Goal Wins, wouldn't mind seeing it all. Hope you are enjoying Iron Flame. The trip sounds amazing.

    1. I've had to put it aside for the minute but I will get back to it.