Thursday, May 18, 2006


Baggot, Mandy - In the Greek Midwinter
Baggot, Mandy - One Greek Summer Wedding
Baggot, Mandy - Under a Greek Sun
Baker, Jeanette - Legacy
Baker, Kevin - Dreamland
Baker Kline, Christina - The Exiles
Balogh, Mary - A Chance Encounter
Balogh, Mary - More Than a Mistress
Balogh, Mary - No Man's Mistress
Balogh, Mary - The Secret Pearl
Balogh, Mary - Simply Love
Balogh, Mary - Simply Magic
Balogh, Mary - Simply Perfect
Banks, Leanne and Evanovich, Janet- Hot Stuff
Bansal, Shivani - Lilac Skies
Banville, John - The Sea
Barker, Sandy - A Wedding in Tuscany
Barker, Sandy -  Match Me If You Can
Barnes, Margaret Campbell - Brief Gaudy Hour
Barnes, Margaret Campbell - My Lady of Cleves
Barnes, Margaret Campbell - The Passionate Brood
Barnes, Margaret Campbell - Within the Hollow Crown
Bates, H E - Darling Buds of May
Battle, Lois - The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary &; Sewing Circle
Bauermeister, Erica - The Lost Art of Mixing
Bauermeister, Erica -The School of Essential Ingredients
Baxter, John - An Immovable Feast: A Paris Christmas
Bennett, Alan - The Uncommon Reader
Bilyeau, Nancy - The Chalice
Bilyeau, Nancy - The Crown
Bishop, Anne - Belladonna
Bishop, Anne - Daughter of the Blood
Bishop, Anne - Dreams Made Flesh
Bishop, Anne - Heir to the Shadows
Bishop, Anne - House of Gaian
Bishop, Anne - The Invisible Ring
Bishop, Anne - Pillars of the World
Bishop, Anne - Queen of the Darkness
Bishop, Anne - Sebastian
Bishop, Anne - Shadows and Light
Blake, Sarah - The Postmistress
Blanchard, Tania - Letters from Berlin
Blevins, Christine - The Tory Widow
Blevins, Christine - The Turning of Anne Merrick
Blixt, David - Master of Verona
Bohnet, Jennifer - A French Adventure
Boyne, John - The Boy in Striped Pyjamas
Bracks, Kate - The Sweet Life
Bradley, Alan - The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
Bradley, Celeste - One Night With a Spy
Bradley, Celeste - Seducing the Spy
Brashares, Ann - Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood
Brashares, Ann - The Second Summer of the Sisterhood
Brashares, Ann - Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood
Brashares, Ann - The Last Summer (of You and Me)
Bray, Libba - A Great and Terrible Beauty
Bray, Libba - Rebel Angels
Brockmole, Jessica - Letters from Skye
Brockway, Connie - My Pleasure - Rose Hunters Book 2
Brockway, Connie - My Seduction - Rose Hunters Book 1
Brockway, Connie - My Surrender - Rose Hunters Book 3
Brown, Dan - Digital Fortress
Brown, Laurie - Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake
Buckley, Fiona - A Pawn for a Queen
Buckley, Fiona - Queen of Ambition (An Ursula Blanchard Mystery at Queen Elizabeth I's Court)
Buckley, Fiona - The Fugitive Queen
Buckley, Fiona - The Siren Queen
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Falling Free
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Shards of Honor
Burrowes, Grace - Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal
Burrowes, Grace - Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish
Burrows, Deborah - A Stranger in my Street
Burrows, Deborah - Taking a Chance
Bush, Holly - Reconstructing Jackson
Butcher, Jim - Storm Front

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