Thursday, May 18, 2006


Caine, Rachel - Chill Factor
Caine, Rachel - Heat Stroke
Caine, Rachel - Ill Wind
Caldwell, Megan - Vanity Fare
Callen, Alissa - Snowy Mountain Daughter
Cambridge, Colleen - Mastering the Art of French Murder 
Camorra, Frank and Cornish, Richard - MoVida: Spanish Culinary Adventures
Capella, Anthony - The Empress of Ice Cream
Capella, Anthony - The Food of Love 
Capella, Anthony - The Various Flavours of Coffee 
Caplin, Julie - A Villa With A View
Caplin, Julie - The French Chateau Dream
Carey, Ella - A New York Secret
Carey, Ella - The Girl from Paris
Carey, Ella - The House on the Lake
Carey, Ella - Paris Time Capsule
Carey, Peter - Jack Maggs
Carlyle, Liz - Three Little Secrets
Carlyle, Liz - Two Little Lies
Carnavale, Vanessa - Her Tuscan Summer
Carr, Carol K - India Black 
Carr, Robyn - Deep in the Valley
Carr, Robyn - The Virgin River series(books 1-15)
Carr, Robyn - The Virgin River series (books 16-20)
Carroll, Susan - The Bride Finder
Carroll, Susan - The Courtesan
Carroll, Susan - The Dark Queen
Carroll, Susan - The Silver Rose
Chadwick, Elizabeth - A Place Beyond Courage
Chadwick, Elizabeth - The Greatest Knight - William Marshal - a Novel of a Legendary Man
Chadwick, Elizabeth - The Scarlet Lion
Chadwick, Elizabeth - The Time of Singing
Chadwick, Elizabeth - The Wild Hunt
Chadwick, Elizabeth - To Defy A King
Chase, Loretta - Lord of Scoundrels
Chase, Loretta - Miss Wonderful
Chevalier, Tracy - Burning Bright
Chevalier, Tracy - Falling Angels
Chiaverini, Jennifer - Circle of Quilters
Chiaverini, Jennifer - The Christmas Quilt
Chiaverini, Jennifer - The Cross Country Quilters
Chiaverini, Jennifer - The Master Quilters
Chiaverini, Jennifer - The Quilter's Apprentice
Chiaverini, Jennifer - The Quilter's Homecoming
Chiaverini, Jennifer - The Quilter's Legacy
Chiaverini, Jennifer - Round Robin
Chiaverini, Jennifer - The Runaway Quilt
Chiaverini, Jennifer - The Sugar Camp Quilt
Child, Maureen - The Last Reilly Standing
Christensen, Maggie - A Mother's Story
Christensen, Maggie - Starting Over in Bellbird Bay
Christensen, Maggie - Summer in Bellbird Bay
Christensen, Maggie - Celebrations in Bellbird Bay
Christensen, Maggie - Christmas in Bellbird Bay
Christensen, Maggie - Finding Refuge in Bellbird Bay
Christensen, Maggie - Happy Ever After in Bellbird Bay
Christensen, Maggie - The Restaurant in Pelican Crossing
Clare, Pamela - Sweet Release
Colgan, Jenny - The Summer Seaside Kitchen
Colgan, Jenny - The Endless Beach
Colgan, Jenny - Welcome to Rosie Hopkin's Sweet Shop of Dreams
Collins, Kate - Dearly Depotted
Collins, Kate - Slay it with Flowers
Conte, Steven- The Tolstoy Estate
Cook, Thomas H. - Red Leaves
Cooper, Michelle - A Brief History of Montmaray
Cornish, Richard and Camorra, Frank - MoVida: Spanish Culinary Adventures
Courtenay, Bryce - Sylvia
Courtenay, Bryce - The Persimmon Tree
Crick, Mark - Kafka's Soup
Cronin, Justin - The Passage
Cross, Donna Woolfolk - Pope Joan
Cross, Kady - The Girl in the Steel Corset
Crusie, Jennifer - Charlie All Night
Crusie, Jennifer - Crazy for You
Crusie, Jennifer - Getting Rid of Bradley
Crusie, Jennifer - Manhunting
Crusie, Jennifer - Sizzle
Crusie, Jennifer - Strange Bedpersons
Crusie, Jennifer - Trust Me on This
Crusie, Jennifer - Welcome to Temptation
Crusie, Jennifer - What the Lady Wants
Crusie, Jennifer and Dreyer, Eileen and Stuart, Anne - The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes
Crusie, Jennifer and Mayer, Bob - Don't Look Down

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