Thursday, April 26, 2007

Taking it personally

Do you take things too personally? Things like when you drop off of someone's blog roll or when number of visitors drop significantly for some unknown reason? I do.

Can't seem to help myself. Does that mean that I am being so boring that people don't want to come visit anymore, or did they just forget? Or do I need to get over myself?

Don't mind me! Had a rough few weeks and it is beginning to tell on me I think.


  1. Hi Marg!

    Well I do take things personally... Good thing for me, I don't have a counter... but I can see that the number of comments have decreased and I'm like: does nobody care about what I have to say?

    but then, I don't think you should worry too much... it's been very, very, very slow on blogosphere....

  2. Thanks nath...I probably should have just said nothing...but you know sometimes you just post what you are thinking without really thinking about things!

  3. LOL, I guess one can't help but wonder. BTW, decreased number of visits might mean more people reading your blog via feeds. I know that's how I often read mine, and don't visit unless I've got something to add and need to comment.

  4. I read via feeds, too. Much easier to keep track of all my favourite blogs but yeah, I don't click through unless I have something to add (or am stickybeaking).

    I don't get many comments usually, so I'm always happily surprised when someone new pops up on occasion. Sometimes it all depends on the book/author you're reviewing. I still get hits to my Lover Revealed posts. If you're feeling lonely, blog about the BDB. *g*

  5. I also read a lot through blogfeeds. I tend to take things personally too as I can be really sensitive but a good book buying binge usually helps sort me out :)

    Hope things get better and I agree with Nath - seems things are kind of slow on the blogosphere.

  6. I discovered your blog while browsing through Ana's and now I come here everyday. I think that says something about you not being boring, or I wouldn't be here! :-)

  7. I read through feeds too, so even if I don't click through, I still like to keep up with everyone. ;)

  8. Don't I feel like a schmuck! LOL!! I've fixed that inadequacy now!

  9. I think we all have days where we feel left out. I just got an email from BLOGBURST that I'm not cool enough for them.

    As for links. I'm horrible. There are blogs I visit all the time and because I have the feeds at Kinja and my favorites on AOL I forget I don't have links on my page. Just a sec...

    See? You weren't on my blog but you are on Kinja, so go figure. I'll put you up on my page.

  10. I subscribe to most of the blogs I visit regularly (yours among them) through Bloglines. It's just easier for me as I can see by reading the responses here it is for others too!

    I do pout a little when I feel neglected. It's really funny in a way because I started out with hardly any visitors to my blog at all and then suddenly I had so many I couldn't believe it. That was around the end of the year last year. I wonder if that's just a popular time for blogs? I haven't been blogging a year yet, so I really don't know. Anyhow, I can empathize with your feelings, Marg.

  11. You haven't lost me. I just don't comment very often, which is ironic because I always wish more people would leave comments on MY blog. Go figure.


  12. I read through feeds as well so no one should worry about that! Must have been having a bad night last night! LOL!

  13. Awww Marg, I'm like that sometimes too so you not alone :)

  14. **Big hugs** I think everyone feels that way occasionally. A lot of times people read but don't comment or like mentioned above, they read through feeds which doesn't show up in the numbers. :)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I so know what you mean girl. I mean sometimes I'll have all these comments and the visitor meter thing is off the wall. Then it's like ghost town. I'm all what the hell did I do? But then I haven't been blogging as much since I have a ton of shit going on. But I still love your blog even if I don't do my hop as often latley.

  17. I have a hundred and one excuses really but the one that kills me is when I'm reading a blog and want to comment but the cat has decided my lap is where she wants to be. Thus, no comments.

    I think everyone feels like 'WTF' every once in a while and then I look at blogs that get crazy hits and think 'I'm better off with what I got' cause I'd be frazzled!

    And spring is coming here so I'm going to be offline and in the back yard soon!! Winter is definitely my hibernating time ;)

    Hope that the bad times are behind you!


  18. I'm sensitive person and very shy. So I normally try not to bring too much attention to my blog *LOL* - however when there is people commenting my blog, I'm happy to see new or old friends. I'm always worry what people think of my blog, too *grin*

    I don't do via feed, but I do visit your blog daily, Marg. I'm always interested in what you have to say on books that you reviewed. It always amaze me what books that I don't like but that you like. And it always interesting to see your reason why you like the books. I may not comments too much but I do read your blog. So I enjoy my stay at your blog. Keep up the good reviews :)

    And I linked your blog to my side bar of my blog few months ago :)



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