Saturday, October 25, 2008

HTML challenged!


Can anyone tell me how to put a cut in my post so that I can just show the top part, and then people can click to view the bottom part of the post if they are interested.


  1. As far as I know, you can only do it on Blogger through a hack. Some possible methods:

    (I haven't tried these, mind. It's all I can do to change my template, I'm so lazy.)

  2. Hi,
    You can find an explanation on, they're called peek-a-boo-posts. I did not try the hack myself so I don't know whether its an easy one or you have to be really technical for it... Good luck!!

  3. Hey, I am also going crazy over my ugly blog page. I tried Backporch musing link she has on hers, but it did not work. But then it hit me, I used to write processes in HTML and I used Word. I have not done it yet, lazy, but I am going to do it....NOW. See ya on my newly renovated blog.

  4. hello! saw your blog from blogs of note.
    anyway, you can ask hearthur over at hearthur[dot]blogspot[dot]com how to do it, he has some blog posts with a peek-a-boo type, a button to click to open up a picture.

  5. Wow, I thought blogger let you do this. Did you go through all your settings and options? Good luck!

  6. I have been enjoying reading your blog lately. I found it because I too have a blog about reading and was specifically looking for others like it. I have a simpler format question. At least I think it's simpler because I've seen many people with it. How do you add a second column on the side like you have? Is it just a different layout style? I couldn't find anyway to do it.

  7. I personally prefer blogs that don't do that - that way I can read them in my blog reader without having to open them up in a new window! Just a thought...

  8. I was going to point you towards a tutorial, but I that see everyone else already has!

    Just one piece of info for you and Darla: using expandable post summaries on your blog doesn't actually affect whether or not your whole posts show up in feed readers.

    That can be controlled by going to Settings > Site Feed > Allow Blog Feeds. I have the option "Full" selected there, so even though my posts are cut on my blog's main page (I do that because I tend to write longish posts), they show up complete in blog readers.

  9. Unfortunately, I am new to blogging so I an not answer that question. I have been enjoying your blog for the past couple of days, and I was wondering do you have to get permission to show copy of book covers on your blog? I like the look of it on your blog and would like to do it for my blog.


  10. I am quite the computer deficient but I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy your blog and shall start following it. PLease feel free to read my blog as I have combed through yours.

  11. Don't do it Marg!
    I don't want to have to click on More :-(

  12. Kerrie and Darla, I am a little bit concerned that some of my craft posts might be a bit long, which is the reason why I was going to try the expandable post options. I certainly don't intend to use it regularly. Not sure that I can get it to work anyway without adding something to the template.

    Thanks for stopping by Dustin.

    Vickie, I use images from Barnes and Nobles or Amazon usually. I am pretty sure that it is okay because it is fair use and is associated with talking about the actual books. I have certainly never had any issues with it, and don't know of any other bloggers who have either.

    I have my setting for Full post as well Nymeth. I really hate those blogs where you can only see the title of the post, or one or two sentences at most, because I really don't know if I am wanting to click through and leave a comment.

    Tony I used a premade template with the columns like this. There are tutorials on how to do this around as well.

    Carolyn Jean, Blogger doesn't automatically allow it. I need to add some additional code to the template but it might have to wait until I can concentrate on it a bit better. I don't want to completely screw things up!

    Thanks for your assistance Kat and Irene!

  13. Vickie, I was curious about that too and I found this:

    I don’t copy someone else’s work without their permission. While I have opinions about how copyright should change, I follow copyright law. To my knowledge, my website is clear of copyright violations. I use book covers all the time under the assumption that publishers want people to use them to promote their books, i.e., I have their permission. I’m not offering legal advice, but the assumption is likely safe for your average book blogger.

    You can see the full article here:

  14. I just did this on my blog, using the instructions found here:

    This is for in-line expandable posts, where you stay on the same page while you expand & hide.