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Weekend Cooking: Crimble Crumble

A couple of years ago, someone recommended a British comedy series to us called Friday Night Dinners. The premise of the series is that a Jewish family consisting of mum Jackie, dad Martin and two sons Adam and Johnny Goodman comes together for dinner every Friday night.

What ensues is a series of disasters, shenanigans and practical jokes. Martin, played by Paul Ritter, has a tendency to mishearing leading to plenty of misunderstandings and social awkwardness. He also seems to constantly be having some kind of hot flash leading to him offering stripping off. Jackie has a lot on her plate with Martin as he constantly gets into all sorts of scrapes and tries to hide his predicament from her. She is also very houseproud,  something that is difficult to maintain when you are married to a man like Martin.

The boys are practical jokes, from small pranks like putting salt in each other's water, to more elaborate pranks. They also need to hide any evidence of their love life from their parents, as Jackie is desperate for them to pair up. Martin, on the other hand, talks to them about their females. Martin has a number of catchphrases, including saying "a lovely bit of squirrel" and one that I have started to hear a bit around my house on occasion "shit, shit, shit on it".

During the course of the series, assorted family members and friends appear, but, of course, we can't forget about Jim the next door neighbour. he is desperate to be friends with the family rather than just the neighbour, and to learn their Jewish customs. He also happens to hold special feelings for Jackie. He also owns a dog named Wilson who he is absolutely terrified of.

I was very sad to hear  of the death of Paul Ritter who played Martin. Feels like a good place to end the series. They haven't said that it is, but I can't imagine that they will make more without him.

Given that the whole series revolves around Friday night dinners, there are plenty of foody related moments, but today I am focussing on one of the highlights of every week's dinner, being crimble crumble.

I was very sad to hear  of the death of Paul Ritter who played Martin recently. Feels like a good place to end the series. They haven't said that it is, but I can't imagine that they will make more without him.

If you like British humour, then maybe give Friday Night Dinner a go

In honour of Friday Night Dinner, I thought I would make crimble crumble. I have shared a recipe for apple and custard crumble before, so I wanted something a little different.  I happened to be looking through the slow/pressure cooker cookbook I have shared some recipes from previously when I saw this recipe for Apple Berry and Ginger Crumble. Given that we seem to be eating quite a lot of ginger recipes recently I had to give it a go. In the recipe you pressure cook the fruit for 8 minutes, and I have to admit I couldn't be bothered getting the pressuure cooker out, so I kind of adapted it. I also changed the topping, which was full of nuts because I have to make allowances for allergies in my house. In fact, I also changed the filling because I didn't have all the ingredients, so rather than giving an actual recipe, it is more guidelines. I don't tend to do this with recipes. As a rule, I tend to follow a recipe to the letter!

For the crumble, I used a mixture of flour, melted butter, rolled oats and chopped crystallised ginger which I mixed together until it resembled a crumble topping.

For the fruit portion, I used a combination of 4 apples (cut into 1.5cm slices) and then a couple of cups of frozen berries. I mixed this with caster (superfine) sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla paste and a teaspoon of ground ginger. I did cook the fruit for a few minutes in a saucepoon before topped it with the crumble mix and put it into a preheated oven for 15 minutes or so until the crumble mixture was golden.

So not quite a recipe, more an idea of a recipe

Weekly Menu

Saturday: Out for dinner 
Sunday: Chicken kiev tray bake
Monday: Leftover chicken kiev tray bake
Tuesday: Chicken Enchiladas with pickled jalapeno and red onion. 
Thursday: Carnitas tacos with charred corn and zucchini salad
Friday: Takeaway

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  1. It sounds interesting. Were you happy with the way it turned out? I've got a green mango, and those are always better cooked, so maybe I'll give the idea a go.

    1. I've never thought of trying a mango crumble!

      I would definitey make this again!

  2. That show sounds very funny and I like the dinner theme. Need to check that out. Any crumble would be welcome here!

  3. LOVE British TV so will check this out.
    I did an apple crumble this week and added frozen cranberries to it. I am waiting to get some crystallized ginger as I have several recipes on hold for it.

    1. Just googled the difference between a crisp and a crumble. I made a crisp because it had oats in the topping.

    2. On that basis mine would be a crisp too! But we call them all crumble here.

  4. Thanks for the review and the suggestion for watching. Is it on Netflix or Prime? I would love to watch it. Your crumble looks delicious too..

    1. I am not sure where you can watch it in the US Judee. Here it is on ABC (our version!)

  5. It must be cobbler weekend, I will put together a Crust Lovers Fruit Cobbler with some local Huckleberries we were given. I also searched for your recommended program, sadly it is not on our Netflix streaming app...

    1. Good for both autumn and spring I think!

  6. I love fruit crisps and crumbles so much--one of my favorite desserts. The show sounds like fun too. ;-)

    1. It's something very comforting isn't it!



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