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Weekend Cooking: What I Baked in March

It's the first Saturday of the month so it is time to share what I baked during March!  This month I tried two new recipes and cooked one old favourite. 

Milk Tart - My first bake for this month was a Milk Tart which is a South African classic. I ended up doing two pastry items this month. I really need to get better at rolling out pastry. When I watch Bake Off their pastry is a perfect circle which is perfectly, lovingly laid into the tart tin. Not mine. I end up with pastry shapes that end up looking like a map of Australia! More practice required. 

I posted about making this here.

Baklava Slice - Last week I shared a passage from the amazing book The Island of Missing Trees by Elif Shafak which talked about baklava.  Whilst I am not sure I am ready to make a proper version, whatever that is given that there are so many versions of it out there, this is a recipe that I have made several times now.

Caramelised White Chocolate Raspberry Tart with Salted Pistachio Nougatine - When I watch any of the Bake Offs whether it be Australian, Canadian, Kiwi, American, Kenyan, Junior or British, I like to think about whether I would be able to make any of the recipes.  This week I decided to try and make this which is one of the recipes from the recently completed series of the Great Australian Bake Off. The recipe comes from judge Matt Moran and gave me a couple of new things to try. The first was to caramelise white chocolate which I had never donebefore. This forms part of the filling. I also had never made the nougatine. I am thinking that we will make this as toppings for other things. It was so easy and delicious. As always with these recipes, it's not so much the individual components that are necessarily difficult but having to do all the components together and how long it takes to bring it all together.

Weekly meals

Saturday - Out for dinner
Sunday - Scrambled Eggs
Monday - Chicken Noodle stir fry
Tuesday - Beef Pepper Pie
 Wednesday - Fried chicken, mash and broccoli
Thursday - Out for dinner 
Friday - Pork Nachos

I am sharing this post for the In My Kitchen feature hosted at Sherry's Pickings.

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  1. That raspberry tart looks scrumptious although I don't really like nuts on my dessert. I am glad it tasted as good as it looks!

  2. oh yum caramelised white choc with raspberry! sounds delish! thanks for joining in this month.

  3. I like everything you prepared but that raspberry tart is a true work of art.

  4. Sweets have such appeal … but we resist! I just don’t give in though I’d love to learn more pastry baking skills.

    Thanks for hosting!
    best… mae at

  5. OK, they all look great, but the raspberry one is on my list! (I already saved the Baklava Slice!)

  6. Everything looks amazing. Milk tarts are new to me and well baklava is a favorite.The white mousse looks exceptional. Looks like a delicious month of baking

  7. Did you enjoy the Milk Tart? I have a recipe for caramelized white chocolate brownies which I have been working on for ages. Your tart looks amazing. I use a method that works to get perfect circles most of the time. You take the pastry, shape it into a disc then push your roller down the middle, turn it to push the roller down the middle again to form a cross, and then roll out, turning the pastry 45 degrees at a time as you go along. It should get you to that ideal shape :)

    1. Thanks for the tip. I will try that next time

      I did enjoy the milk tart, and more importantly so did my lovely South African born husband!

  8. These all look fabulous to me. One of our favorite restaurants used to serve the best baklava I've ever had but they took it off the menu a while ago. Everything we've tried since has seemed dry by comparison. The white chocolate extravaganza looks like it's to die for!

    1. It was an effort, but it was definitely worth it Jen.

  9. I love all your baking! I've never heard of a milk tart before but it looks great, and I adore all those raspberries :) I have a bit of a decorative compulsion..

    1. I was happy with how the raspberry tart worked out!

  10. I think your pastry looks perfect, definitely homemade which is the best. And, wow, the raspberry one turned out beautifully.



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