Thursday, May 18, 2006


Macauley, Wayne - The Cook
MacGregor, Kinley - A Dark Champion
MacGregor, Kinley - A Pirate of her Own
MacGregor, Kinley - Born in Sin
MacGregor, Kinley - Claiming the Highlander
MacGregor, Kinley - Master of Desire
MacGregor, Kinley - Master of Seduction
MacGregor - Kinley - Return of the Warrior
MacGregor, Kinley - Sword of Darkness
MacGregor, Kinley - Taming the Scotsman
Mack, Leonie - Snow Days With You 
Mack, Leonie - Twenty One Nights in Paris
MacLean, Sarah - Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart
MacLean, Sarah - Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake
MacLean, Sarah - A Rogue by Any Other Name
MacLean, Sarah - Ten Ways to be Adored when Landing a Lord
Macomber, Debbie - Back on Blossom Street
Macomber, Debbie - Susannah's Garden
Malone, Lily - Water Under the Bridge
Malone, Lily - The Cafe by the Bridge
Malone, Lily - Last Bridge Before Home
Malouf, David - Ransom
Mandanna, Sarita - Tiger Hills
Mansell, Jill - Millie's Fling
Mansell, Jill - Miranda's Big Mistake
Mansell, Jill - An Offer You Can't Refuse
Marchant, Clare - The Secrets of Saffron Hall
Marchetta, Melina - On the Jellicoe Road
Marinelli, Carol - Putting Alice Back Together
Marsden, John - Tomorrow, When the War Began
Maxwell, Robin - To the Tower Born
Mayberry, Sarah - Sweetheart
Mayer, Bob and Crusie, Jennifer - Don't Look Down
McCarthy, Cormac - The Road
McCausland, Vanessa - Dreaming in French
McCoy, Sarah - The Baker's Daughter
McEvedy, Allegra - Jolly Good Food
McEwan, Ian - Atonement
McEwan, Ian - On Chesil Beach
McGuire, Michaela and Hardy, Marieke - Six Women of Letters
McInerney, Monica - Family Baggage
McKenna, Shannon - Standing in the Shadows
McLeay, John - Red Spice Road Cookbook
McMahon, Katharine - The Alchemist's Daughter
McMahon, Katharine - The Rose of Sebastopol
McMurtry, Larry - Dead Man's Walk
McPhee, Margaret - The Captain's Lady
Meacham, Leila - Roses
Mears, Gillian - Foal's Bread
Mehran, Marsha- Pomegranate Sout
Meyer, Stephenie - Eclipse
Meyer, Stephenie - The Host
Meyer, Stephenie - New Moon
Meyer, Stephenie - Twilight
Meyer, Stephenie and Kim, Young - Twilight: The Graphic Novel Vol 1
Miller, Linda Lael - Big Sky Country
Miller, Louise - City Baker's Guide to Country Living
Moning, Karen Marie - Darkfever
Moning, Karen Marie - The Immortal Highlander
Moning, Karen Marie - Into the Dreaming
Moning, Karen Marie - Spell of the Highlander
Monroe-Cassel, Chelsea and Lehrer, Sariann - A Feast of Ice and Fire: the official companion cookbook
Moon, Josephine - The Jam Queens
Moorcroft, Sue - An Italian Island Summer
Moorehead, Caroline - A Train in Winter
Mor, Caiseal - The Tilecutter's Penny
Mori, Kaoru - Emma Vol 1-3
Mori, Kaoru - Emma Vol 4
Moriarty, Jaclyn - A Corner of White
Moriarty, Nicola - Captivation
Morowitz, Laura and Albanese, Laurie- The Miracles of Prato
Mosse, Kate - Labyrinth
Mott, Jason - The Returned
Moyes, Jojo - Me Before You
Moyes, Jojo - The Girl You Left Behind
Moyes, Jojo - The Ship of Brides

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